We’ve Moved

As you can see from my somewhat inartful HTML coding, I have migrated from Blogger to WordPress. Mostly I did so because I was jealous of Kojo’s WordPress blog; I was also aware that some users were having issues posting comments.

I hope former Blogger followers will follow us to WordPress. I also hope you find this new format more user friendly.

Published by Don Laackman

Leader with non-profit, higher education, and private-sector consulting experience.

2 thoughts on “We’ve Moved

  1. Welcome to WordPress, Don. Hope it treats you as well as it’s treated me/us.

    [One thing that might help: when you go to make a new post, look by the top right corner of the tool bar (above the space for the text). There should be two tabs there: one that says “Visual” and another that says “HTML.” Click on the one that says “Visual” and then you won’t have to add code (unless that’s a quirk of the theme you chose).]

    And if that doesn’t work, their tutorials are pretty quick and helpful: http://learn.wordpress.com/

    (I miss the lamp a little, I have to say. Probably a little Pixar love seeping in…)

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