Budget Nears the Finish Line

Last night, the Finance Committee of the CCC Board of Trustees convened a review of the proposed CCC FY13 Budget at Kennedy-King College. Vice Chair Ellen Alberding kicked the evening off, followed by Chancellor Hyman, VC Bisarya and interim CFO Dempsey.

Readers may find a summary of the key points from the presentation here. The Finance Committee asked a few questions, mostly focused on how our allocations compare to other community colleges around the country. CFO Dempsey pledged to give those answer at a later time.

The public had three questions – after being given the opportunity to ask questions in person, via Twitter and Facebook. I felt one was a plant by President Follins – the questioner asked the Committee if CCC was continuing to fully support Olive-Harvey College in the FY13 budget. After the Board Members enthusiastically affirmed their support for Olive-Harvey College, we other six Presidents glared at Dr. Follins with envy and admiration. I know I was not alone in wishing I had brought my own community activist to garner enthusiastic Board support for my college.

The overall experience for me was anticlimactic. So many of us worked so hard for so long to assemble our budget. To see it then summarized in a few charts and subsumed into a 50-minute presentation was  . . .  humbling.

Those adventurous souls interested in the public view of our proposal may find it starting at page 113 of the Budget Book. I found one typo in our section – for which I take full responsibility. I have a special prize for the first person who can find a second typo. For those who want more details on what specific proposals were approved, please see me, Kent Lusk, or your relevant department head. Lots of interesting HWC projects and initiatives are teed up for final Board approval.

Final public hearing, to be followed by the Board vote, takes place on July 12.

Published by Don Laackman

Leader with non-profit, higher education, and private-sector consulting experience.

One thought on “Budget Nears the Finish Line

  1. Hi Don,

    Typo appears to be on page 127 in Harold Washington College
    Scorecard – Summary of KPIs for all strategic activities

    Apparently our 2012 baseline for “REM 1b: Enrollment in Remedial ENGLISH Courses for Students Needing Remediation” is listed as 28 students. That should be pretty easy to beat. Unless perhaps the intended figure was 28%?



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