Tuberculosis Drives Student Success

Professor Farah Movahedzadeh wins the prize for doing the best job of keeping me informed about student successes here at HWC.

In her latest installment, Professor Movahedzadeh let me know that she and Max Rutter have published in the OMICS Publishing Group- Journal of Mycobacterial Diseases, Volume 2, Issue 5, an editorial paper entitled: A letter to Dr Koch. She writes about Max:

[Max] happened to get a job at a law office close to HWC and decided to take a Biology course at our college. I was lucky to be his instructor and since then I have observed his achievements. While he transferred to UIC, he also graduated from HWC. I recall when he sent me the scan of his Associate degree–while I was proud to see his degree, I felt honored when I realized, the other two recipients of the email were his mother & sister.

Max will graduate from UIC by end of this semester and plan to continue his study towards a PhD program at College of Pharmacy. I am helping him to be accepted in the right program.

If the reader is interested in the meaning of the title of this blog entry, she may find it in the abstract with Max’s story here. Thank you, Professor, for sharing the good news.

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One thought on “Tuberculosis Drives Student Success

  1. What an inspiring story. Kudos to Max and Professor Movahedzadeh. Maybe Max’s drive to research TB will lead to a way to combat it in the future!

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