Herald Scores Awards

Professor Molly Turner, adviser to The Herald, let me know about the honors our students won at the Illinois Community College Association’s Spring Awards conference held April 4th and 5th at Moraine Valley Community College. The Herald has taken awards each year I have been here, and I commend the staff on continuing their tradition of excellence.

The Herald won three first place awards in Feature Writing, Layout, and Sports Feature Writing; four second place awards in Front Page Design, Graphics, Headlines, and General Excellence; one third place award in advertising, and two honorable mentions in Feature Writing and Columns.
First Place: Spencer Lahr, Feature Writing
First Place: Nicholas Andrews, Sports Feature
First Place: Staff, Layout
Second Place: Spencer Lahr, Front Page Design
Second Place: Staff, General Excellence
Second Place: Michael Capots, Graphics
Second Place: Spencer Lahr, Headlines
Third Place: Eli Mayfield, Advertising
Honorable Mention: Alice Rich, Columns
Honorable Mention: Emily Coats, Feature Writing
The contest considered entries published from March through December 2013. I especially appreciate the Sports Feature award, given that we don’t have a sports team. That did not stop our intrepid journalists from getting a good story.
Congratulations to the entire staff for representing Harold Washington College so well.


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