UPDATE – Lions and Tigers and Bears . . .

UPDATE to the post:
If possible, it would be great to have our new mascot selected by Spirit Week, which begins April 25. 
On Thursday in my meeting with the Student Government Association leadership, I asked them to take the lead in selecting a new mascot for Harold Washington College. Some of our students have been using a panther as our mascot, but the panther officially belongs to Olive-Harvey College. I would like us to have our own distinctive mascot. 
Administration retains veto authority on anything we deem inappropriate, but otherwise, I am hoping SGA unleashes the creative energy of our student body.  I am in the process of devising a suitable reward for the winning entry. 

Enjoy! I look forward to seeing the process SGA develops and the entries.

3 thoughts on “UPDATE – Lions and Tigers and Bears . . .

  1. I would suggest the Peregrine falcon, because Harold Washington was Mayor at the time the raptor was introduced to Chicago and he was instrumental in that process. Since then, the Peregrine has flourished east of the Mississippi and comes back to Chicago each year to nest high on the buildings along the lakefront.Also, Harold Washington was fond of the monk parakeets that were introduced to the city decades ago and have been spotted nesting (by me) in Hyde Park, under the El at 18th and State and on top of a tower at Western and Harrison.

  2. Dear President Laackman : I guess the student body was very happy to see you , and look forward to meet you in person to further discuss our vision , duties and concerns. You are doing a fine job !! 🙂

  3. Well, we don't have any input, obviously. Very disconcerting. Very much an intrinsic part of what changes are being made to our campus. I don't know why you would dangle that orange carrot in front of an SGA that is color blind because the student body's input is for naught. Thanks SGA, thanks everyone.

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