Faculty Member Highlighted in Tribune

Child Development Professor Jennifer Asimow is quoted in this Chicago Tribune article, “Parents Can Give Kids a Math Head Start.” The article highlights a grant-funded project that will help child care providers, educators, and parents develop math skills in children early. Professor Asimow will be running the blog for the project, called “Math Access forContinue reading “Faculty Member Highlighted in Tribune”

Education as Radical Surgery

Steven Rattner, former “Car Czar” for the Obama administration’s bail-outs of GM and Chrysler, offers his ideas on how to solve America’s economic problems in a Monday op-ed from the Financial Times (behind a paywall). After recounting the forces he believes that have led us here, chief among them the “relentless forces of global competitionContinue reading “Education as Radical Surgery”

Career Education

I experienced a moment of deja vu when reading this article from last Sunday’s New York Times discussing the threat to Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. This quote, in particular, prompted the feeling: “Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said that ‘at a time when local, state and federal governments are all facing tremendous budgetContinue reading “Career Education”


The Chronicle has a worthwhile read on assessment today. The article, “Learning Assessment at Community Colleges Is Growing but Fragile, Report Says,” states that only 35% of community college teachers report using assessments to improve teaching. One of the barriers is lack of time. In our operating plan this year, we have planned for releaseContinue reading “Assessment”

Noms de Plume

Since my default operational mode is collaborative/conciliatory, it sometimes causes angst when I confront someone, even in an ironic or humorous way. Such thoughts have been rattling around my brain since my 90 Days post where I made some sidebar comments regarding cartoon posters.  Imagine my delight then in reading on Huffington Post about theContinue reading “Noms de Plume”

Completion Matters – 3

From Sunday’s NYTimes, Dave Leonhardt writes about the value of college degrees. His analysis indicates that a college degree has economic value even in those occupations where it is not apparent possessing a degree matters. For example, a waiter or waitress with a degree makes 34% more than one without; a hairdresser 69% more; andContinue reading “Completion Matters – 3”