Lt. Gov. Visit (Amended)

I attended a meeting with Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon this morning at Malcolm X college that included a panel discussion with Alexi Giannoulias, ICCB Chair, Gery Chico, ISBE Chair, and Perry Buckley, Local 1600 President. The discussion was well attended. I think President Munroe did a stellar job getting the word out at MXC, and there were a number of good questions from the audience.

Key topics raised were the need to set aside MAP funding for community college students, and the need to align K-12 with community college standards.

HWC was then privileged to host Lt Gov Simon for a short visit. We highlighted those services that support students outside the classroom, with the Wellness Center, Legal Clinic and Transfer Center all discussion items. Our HWC team, led by Ellen Goldberg, Caroline Schoenberger, and Mike Russell, did a masterful job of engaging the Lt Gov in a discussion about the value of these services to our students. Ellen even brought along a couple of star students who have benefited from Transfer Center services in the past.

As with any of these visits, it takes many people to pull it off. Thanks to Ellen, Mike, Caroline, Gabe, Office Dave and the rest of the staff who helped us create a productive stop along the Lt Gov’s visit to 48 community colleges.  HWC put its best foot forward.

And yes, Professor Uthman, I did offer to show her the cadaver lab. For some odd reason, she passed. Maybe next time.

NOTE: A previous version of this post erroneously indicated a problem in announcing the event to the CCC community through special announce. That was incorrect. Notice was provided five days in advance. I apologize for the error.

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