The Exonerated

“The Exonerated,” the current Loop Players’ production here at Harold Washington College, is not a great college production. It is a great production, period. I was riveted throughout. The cast was pitch-perfect, and they played their roles well. I experienced one of those transcendent moments in theater when you actually feel yourself believing these charactersContinue reading “The Exonerated”

Speaking Truth to Power

One of my fears as a leader is becoming isolated or disconnected from the people I aspire to lead. I am constantly asking for feedback, criticism, guidance. After each speech, I ask someone I trust, “What did you think? What could have been better?” Similarly, in meetings, I ask the assembled teams to challenge ourContinue reading “Speaking Truth to Power”

Harold Washington

The Sun-Times has a nice article marking the anniversary of Mayor Harold Washington’s passing, twenty-five years ago today. Mayor Washington died the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. On Friday, he lay in state in City Hall. The lines waiting to see him in the gusty raw November days stretched around the block on LaSalle, Randolph, Clark and Washington. NewsContinue reading “Harold Washington”

Electric Electra

The Loop Players present Sophocles’ Electra, using Frank McGuinness’ adaptation. The play is a must-see for everyone at the College, their family and friends, and anyone else you want to impress with the high quality of drama at HWC. I saw a rehearsal performance last night. Directed by Kathryn Nash, this modern update of the classicContinue reading “Electric Electra”

Skill, Will and Systems

Last year at the State of the College address, I called on our staff to treat students better. Most of our people treat students very well. Yet I had witnessed or had reports from students about situations and behaviors that did not reflect well on us. I broke the situation down into Skill and Will.Continue reading “Skill, Will and Systems”