Keeping You in the Loop

Taking a tip from the Harold Lounge, I wandered over to the new Herald website at There is so much to like about this new site, including the ability to sign up for an RSS feed, the great articles, the format. I could go on and on. I am very impressed.

Kudos to Editor Greg Fairbanks and the staff, along with faculty adviser Molly Turner. One critique – while the names of the article authors accompany each post, I would appreciate a masthead to let us know who is responsible for the great work. The whole team deserves credit for a job well done.



Published by Don Laackman

Leader with non-profit, higher education, and private-sector consulting experience.

One thought on “Keeping You in the Loop

  1. Thanks Mr. President…er, Don. While we still have a ways to go with the website (and an eventual official launch party, I hope) we are tickled to get all the new found attention at The Herald. Our masthead is located on the second page of each and every month’s edition, which are strategically located throughout the school.

    I will be checking in with Mr. Post (our master web-builder) and designing an “About Us” category on the front page. I also hope to add more to our archive link (located beneath the Featured Links tab on the lower right hand corner of the main page) and eventually, scanning all our “undigitized” archives into PDF’s…whew, lots to do.

    Thanks again and thanks for reading!

    The Herald staff.

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