Hark! The Herald

The Herald’s online coverage continues to impress with this outstanding article, “Philosophy and Rhetoric Finds Forum on Floor 10”  by Evelyn Luviano about how Professor Swanson is using role-playing games to advance understanding in his Humanities 207 class. Kudos to Ms. Luviano for brining the class to life in her piece.

Taylor Lilly shows strong reportorial skills with “The Blight Next Door,” highlighting the history of fixing the ugly space next to our building. Dr. John Hader and Mark Shougar from The Wit, along with Instructor John Madsen, provide perspectives.

Check them out. These are excellent examples of solid student reporting, hitting issues that matter for the HWC community.


Published by Don Laackman

Leader with non-profit, higher education, and private-sector consulting experience.

One thought on “Hark! The Herald

  1. Thanks for reading the article, Don! Evelyn did a great job with the article. I always welcome visitors if someone wants to see the games first hand. I hope to run at least one section of this class every fall and spring semester, and perhaps more if there’s sufficient interest. More information about Reacting to the Past can be found at http://reacting.barnard.edu

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