Distinguished Professor

I have been busy the last few weeks putting the finishing touches on our draft operating plan submission, doing my best to advocate for our fair share of dollars to innovate, improve instruction and increase student success. Posting has fallen by the wayside.

Now I am coming up for air to announce this year’s Distinguished Professor, David Richardson. Members of the HWC community should read their emails for Professor Richardson’s bio. Loyal readers will know him as the webmaster for The Harold Lounge. Students of his know him as an engaging, challenging faculty member who pushes them to question assumptions and wrestle with preconceived notions.

Congratulations, Professor. You join a long line of Distinguished Colleagues who represent the best that HWC has to offer our students.

Published by Don Laackman

Leader with non-profit, higher education, and private-sector consulting experience.

2 thoughts on “Distinguished Professor

  1. Thanks, Don, and everybody!

    I’m overwhelmed to be included on a list with such amazing company and so, so, so proud and honored to be recognized this way by my colleagues for whom I have such deep, profound respect.

    I’m having a hard time making sense of it in my own head, but I am, nonetheless, grateful to a degree that I can’t possibly express.


  2. Hi Don,
    What do you think about giving Dave some face time at the Fall State of the College Address? Per my post on The Lounge, I don’t think he’ll be given an opportunity to speak at the District-wide graduation (I’ll be surprised if any of the DP’s get the spotlight). It will be a disappointment I can accept if we can do something locally to recognize this Distinguished Professor’s accomplishments.

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