One of our HWC Operating Plan priorities for FY2013 is Assessment. HWC has long had a strong culture of assessment. In our 2008 accreditation visit, HLC lauded HWC’s faculty-driven assessment processes. This year, I wanted to expand and improve our assessment capabilities. We are investing in faculty release time to take part on the Assessment Committee. The committee is leading efforts to publish earlier assessment findings so that faculty can decide whether to use the findings in their teaching, as well as expanding survey and assessment efforts college-wide and at the department level.

Good news, then, this week from Mike Heathfield, who reports:

I just wanted to let you know we have had a spectacular assessment week where 1,489 students participated in the survey – 49% of them on campus and 51% off campus.   This is the largest student sample we have ever managed ourselves.  Around 55 faculty were involved in this major effort.  30% of the students participating also left comments for us.  I have read them all and they provide fascinating additional data.  More on this soon.

Final numbers will settle down over the next few days and we plan on getting some results back out to students and faculty before the end of semester.

Many thanks to the faculty who helped with the great result. Special mention goes to Jeff Swigart of the Math Department, who was the logistical manager behind all of this.  He has done a brilliant job, all while bonding with a new baby at home.

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