Leadership Matters

I have been kicking around (that is, thinking about) a post on leadership for some time now. I believe leadership matters and that leadership occurs throughout the college. At Faculty Development Week, I made a point to thank faculty leaders who have stepped up in many ways to drive student success and enhance our community.

Dr. Patricia Granados beat me to the punch, or post, as the case may be. Her recent article makes a wonderful case for the importance of leadership at a community college. I am impressed with the steps she has taken to instill a culture of leadership at Triton College.

The administrative team here at HWC took a step forward in developing leaders in Spring semester, working through a common vocabulary of leadership based on personal values. We engaged in discussions bi-weekly on we wanted to work as a team and serve as leaders. I look forward to engaging a broader set of emerging leaders in discussions on leadership at HWC. Dr. Granados has given me a lot of good ideas with which to start these efforts.

Published by Don Laackman

Leader with non-profit, higher education, and private-sector consulting experience.

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