Reinventing Chicago

The Chicago Tribune launched an effort in this morning’s Sunday paper called “A New Plan of Chicago.” The paper seeks to enlist the help of “civic groups, foundations, community organizations and individuals.” They want to model their effort on Daniel Burnham’s vision laid out in 1909. They will run editorials over the next eight weeksContinue reading “Reinventing Chicago”

Is Algebra Necessary?

I finally caught up on my Sunday morning NYTimes reading and found this provocateur. Andrew Hacker, Professor Emeritus from Queens College, CUNY asks “Is Algebra Necessary?” He argues that we are spending inordinate resources (student time, financial aid, instructor time) trying to get students to pass algebra, a skill they will never use. Far betterContinue reading “Is Algebra Necessary?”

Be Vewy Vewy Quiet. We’re Hunting Wabbits.

My father’s heart sank when he descended the basement stairs and found me, at 1 PM on a Saturday, still in my pajamas, watching cartoons. Only a father can understand the despondency of seeing his only son lazing about on a fine Saturday afternoon wasting his life away. Only with my easement into fatherhood didContinue reading “Be Vewy Vewy Quiet. We’re Hunting Wabbits.”

Welcome to the Spotlight

Please engage in a thought experiment with me. You are the Mayor of Chicago. You have an opportunity to talk to the Economic Club of Chicago (ECC). ECC members are the corporate elite of Chicago – CEOs, Chairmen, Directors, and Managing Partners and Directors of companies such as Walgreens, Aon, McDonalds, Accenture, JP Morgan Chase,Continue reading “Welcome to the Spotlight”

Credentials of Economic Value

My experience with many workforce efforts has led me to conclude that without the involvement of businesses, any efforts to educate people for jobs are fruitless. Just as we need better alignment of curriculum from high school to college in order to smooth the transition and better prepare students for college-level work, we need betterContinue reading “Credentials of Economic Value”

Disagreeing with Reinvention’s Four Goals

One of the reasons I wanted to work at City Colleges was I believed in the goals of Reinvention.(1) While I take no credit for crafting the goals, I was working with the District during the early days of their creation. I was excited to be working with a system that was so committed toContinue reading “Disagreeing with Reinvention’s Four Goals”