Connecting the Dots

I attended workforceChicago’s awards breakfast this morning, where Aon, one of our College to Careers partners, was honored. Aaron Olson, Global Head of Talent Management for Aon, spoke about HWC’s and Aon’s partnership. He connected the dots between Aon’s need for talent, the Mayor’s commitment to get companies the talent they need, and the talentedContinue reading “Connecting the Dots”

The Exonerated

“The Exonerated,” the current Loop Players’ production here at Harold Washington College, is not a great college production. It is a great production, period. I was riveted throughout. The cast was pitch-perfect, and they played their roles well. I experienced one of those transcendent moments in theater when you actually feel yourself believing these charactersContinue reading “The Exonerated”

Design Storm

A couple of Wright faculty members, Patrick Ham and Tom Murdock, spent a week in lovely Saginaw, Michigan, chaperoning six Wright students for the Region 3 Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival. Faculty and students attended workshops and shows, and participated in acting or design competitions. One of our Wright students, Miguel Perez, joined a team withContinue reading “Design Storm”

Choices in College

Steven Dubner posts a must-read interview with the authors of Getting the Best Out of College. The piece starts with a great quote: “Your choices in college matter more than your choices ofcollege, so choose wisely,” but there is much more wisdom shared in the interview. The author wades into the value of liberal arts, career training, and choices ofContinue reading “Choices in College”

A Dorm for All Colleges

More than one friend emailed to make sure I had seen this article from Sunday’s New York Times, “A Dorm for All Colleges.” The article highlights the great work Raul Raymundo and his Resurrection Project  have done, including the dorm space they have created for students. Teohua Nieto, one of HWC’s students, is featured. They also discuss MeganContinue reading “A Dorm for All Colleges”

Electric Electra

The Loop Players present Sophocles’ Electra, using Frank McGuinness’ adaptation. The play is a must-see for everyone at the College, their family and friends, and anyone else you want to impress with the high quality of drama at HWC. I saw a rehearsal performance last night. Directed by Kathryn Nash, this modern update of the classicContinue reading “Electric Electra”