Welcome Back, Faculty

This morning we kick off Faculty Development Week at Malcolm X College. What has changed since HWC faculty left for the summer session? Most visibly, we have wrapped the second floor with brightly colored window coverings announcing to the world who we are and what we do. Virtually transparent from the inside of the secondContinue reading “Welcome Back, Faculty”

Same As It Ever Was

I experienced multi-dimensional déjà vu this past Thursday as I joined the Wright team at the Q Center in St. Charles, Illinois, for our AQIP Strategy Forum. AQIP is the Academic Quality Improvement Plan pathway for accreditation Wilbur Wright College follows under the guidance of the Higher Learning Commission. The first dimension of vu came whenContinue reading “Same As It Ever Was”

Harold’s Got Numbers

“If you’ve got numbers, show ’em.” Stephan James, former Chief Operating Officer of Accenture, would offer this bon mot to partners at the firm to encourage us to showcase good results. Harold’s got numbers. I have reported here on our challenges in serving students well during registration. We had a humbling Fall experience with registration.Continue reading “Harold’s Got Numbers”

I Miss School

The winter break was everything I had hoped it would be. A few friends have asked, “Did you snorkel?” “Did you take a helicopter ride?” “Did you parasail?” Other than enjoying tropical breezes, almost uninterrupted sun, and the occasional hike through gorgeous natural scenery in Hawai’i, I did not tackle adventure on this vacation. MyContinue reading “I Miss School”