Tuberculosis Drives Student Success

Professor Farah Movahedzadeh wins the prize for doing the best job of keeping me informed about student successes here at HWC. In her latest installment, Professor Movahedzadeh let me know that she and Max Rutter have published in the OMICS Publishing Group- Journal of Mycobacterial Diseases, Volume 2, Issue 5, an editorial paper entitled: AContinue reading “Tuberculosis Drives Student Success”

CCC Develops Exchange with Shanghai Institute of Health Sciences

Dr. John Hader took the lead in creating an English-immersion program for forty nursing students from Shanghai. In addition to the four hours a day in the classroom, Dr. Hader and his able staff (Mary Troken and Tonja Girten) organized trips to the Lincoln Park Zoo, the Blues Festival, and an architectural tour of Chicago. IContinue reading “CCC Develops Exchange with Shanghai Institute of Health Sciences”


Good news for the college. The Mayor announced on MSNBC’s Morning Joe (starting at 4:30 in the clip) that Harold Washington College would be the “professional service school” of City Colleges. He reiterated our position at the 10,000 Small Businesses graduation. Additional coverage is here at the Sun-Times. Yesterday was a good day for HWC. Thirty-sevenContinue reading “Business”

The Imperiled Promise of College

Frank Bruni provokes with his Op-Ed piece today in the New York Times, “The Imperiled Promise of College.” While we in community colleges can take cold comfort in the fact that education at our schools is still affordable, the promise of increased wages at the end of the journey is at risk. Students today competeContinue reading “The Imperiled Promise of College”

Victory – Or Is It?

From Inside Higher Ed comes word that we will soon be holding “Last Rites for Graduation Rate.”  The article says, The Education Department has announced its plans to change how student success is measured in higher education, taking into account students who transfer, part-time students and students who are not attending college for the first time. The departmentContinue reading “Victory – Or Is It?”