Feel Good

Mr. K shared a note he received from a former student. It is one of those “feel-good” notes that show you the impact our professors can have beyond HWC. Mr. K has developed a “Green Book” that summarizes key points from his lectures and handouts throughout the semester. This student held onto the book and found it useful in the next stage of her education. I share her note here:

Hi Mr. K,

I was a previous student in your BIO 226 class last winter semester of 2010. I did very well in your class and I talked to you a couple of times regarding my career path. I have my Masters in Public health and wanted to go into nursing school. I am not sure if you remember me or not, but I wanted to let you know that I was accepted into a nursing school and am currently in the Masters nursing program at DePaul University. I am writing you because I am taking a pharmacology class right now and have been using your “Green Book” as a reference. I think it’s a wonderful teaching tool and am right now reading about nerve impulses. Your description is such a great way for me to understand it. So I appreciate you did that for your students. You should definitely reiterate the importance of your green book to your current students because it will be very useful for them now and in the future.

Thank you

And let me add my thanks, Mr. K, for all you are doing for our students.

For those of you who are interested in brushing up on postsynaptic neurons (p 64), CNS neuroglial cells (p 55), or the parietal peritoneum (p 8), I am sure Mr. K would be willing to share his Green Book with you, especially if you enroll in BIO 226.

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