Alumni Success Story

Charles McSweeney tipped me off to this article in the Windy City Times regarding a UCAN (Uhlich Children’s Advantage Network’s) fundraiser on November 3. The highlight of the evening, according to the author, was a speech by an HWC alum. “The UCAN LGBT Host Home graduate spent 15 months in his host home while he finished his associate’s degree at Harold Washington College, earning top grades.”

He is now majoring in computer engineering at IIT. Charles tells me the young man was also a Phi Theta Kappan. Thanks for sharing, Charles.

Published by Don Laackman

Leader with non-profit, higher education, and private-sector consulting experience.

2 thoughts on “Alumni Success Story

  1. Hi Don,
    Thanks for posting this story. You beat me to it.
    FYI, I’m not sure why this happened, but our college name is misspelled in the photo caption. Here’s how it reads:
    “Ellis is taking an English composition class at Herald Washington College for college credit.”
    Perhaps the writer was thinking of our college newspaper.
    Water under the bridge.

  2. Sorry Don,
    I replied in the wrong post. My above comment should have appeared in the post from the same date titled ‘A Really Good Essay’.


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