Electric Electra

The Loop Players present Sophocles’ Electra, using Frank McGuinness’ adaptation. The play is a must-see for everyone at the College, their family and friends, and anyone else you want to impress with the high quality of drama at HWC.

I saw a rehearsal performance last night. Directed by Kathryn Nash, this modern update of the classic Greek drama is artfully staged. The music, sets, and lighting add to the drama. Kudos to Rachel Iannantuoni and Antwan Johnson, Production Stage Manager and Stage Manager, Dramaturg Elisabeth Greer, Set Designer Scott Entenmann, and Lighting Designer Jeff Pines. The play looks terrific.

The performances are a match for the staging. Outfitted by Costume Designer Mollie Gordon, Jade Ryin as Electra and Jacquelyn Haas as Clytemnestra shock and awe from their first appearance on stage. I cannot imagine a better contrast in casting for these antagonists. Similarly, Damon Eubanks (the Servant), Brandon Williams (Orestes) and Nathan Pierson (Aegisthus) play their parts with gusto.

The cast is strong from top to bottom, but two sets of performances stood out for me. The Chorus and Supporting Cast members (played by DeAndre Sanders, Kanome’ Jones, Gabriella Mazzarisi, Clara Perez, and Tiana Greenwood). played their roles wonderfully, adding to the audience’s understanding. Their portrayals gave me a deeper understanding of why ancient Greek playwrights used Choruses. They are a wonderful addition to this production.

Finally, the triangle of Orestes, Electra and Clytemnestra (Mr. Williams, Ms. Ryin, and Ms. Haas) play their roles with gripping physicality. They generate energy and tension as they circle each other on stage. As the suspense builds, their presence commands attention. Their performances are enthralling.

See this play.



Wednesdays and Fridays

Oct. 24, 26, 31, Nov. 2,  7:15 p.m.

Thursdays and Saturdays
Oct. 25, 27, Nov. 1, 3,  2:00 p.m.

Box Office – Room 102, Theatre – Room 103

Running Time – 90 mins. without an intermission

$5.00 Students and Seniors
$10.00 General Admission

Published by Don Laackman

Leader with non-profit, higher education, and private-sector consulting experience.

2 thoughts on “Electric Electra

  1. Don,

    On behalf of the cast, designers and crew of “Electra”, thank you very much for your words lauding our production and for your support of Theatre at HWC. One of my favorite mantras is that “Theatre is a collaborative art.” All of our productions could never happen if we did not have the support of administration, faculty, students and staff. I am forever in debt to our talented actors, designers, and crew. Their passion for quality theatre makes me look good. We all read your post in the dressing room last night and the crew and cast were thrilled that you included their names in your post. I would also like to praise our Sound Designer, Bernardine Robinson, who compiled our incidental music for the production. She did a brilliant job of finding the perfect musical tone for the play.

    Thank you again!!

    Kathy Nash

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