Connecting the Dots

I attended workforceChicago’s awards breakfast this morning, where Aon, one of our College to Careers partners, was honored. Aaron Olson, Global Head of Talent Management for Aon, spoke about HWC’s and Aon’s partnership. He connected the dots between Aon’s need for talent, the Mayor’s commitment to get companies the talent they need, and the talentedContinue reading “Connecting the Dots”

Soft Skills

Nothing sets my tiny public policy heart pitter patter faster than a new article by James Heckman in the American Economic Review. October’s issue brings an article by Heckman, Rodrigo Pinto and Peter Savelyev on “Understanding the Mechanisms Through Which an Influential Early Childhood Program Boosted Adult Outcomes.” In this latest paper, Heckman and his colleagues re-visit theContinue reading “Soft Skills”

Reinventing Chicago

The Chicago Tribune launched an effort in this morning’s Sunday paper called “A New Plan of Chicago.” The paper seeks to enlist the help of “civic groups, foundations, community organizations and individuals.” They want to model their effort on Daniel Burnham’s vision laid out in 1909. They will run editorials over the next eight weeksContinue reading “Reinventing Chicago”

Philosophical Careers

Early in my presidential career, a colleague intent on giving me a finer appreciation of higher education recommended I read some of John Dewey’s works. I dutifully purchased a couple of his books. They sat on my dresser, unread, reproaching me, until this weekend, when I picked up “Democracy and Education.” Written in 1916, Dewey’sContinue reading “Philosophical Careers”

Get a Job

It seems our trademarked “College to Careers” brand is at risk of appropriation by Wake Forest and other colleges. In Sunday’s NY Time article, “How to Get a Job with a Philosophy Degree,” Wake Forest University is singled out for their efforts to offer career guidance to students, including their orientation session, “From College to Career.”Continue reading “Get a Job”