Welcome to the Spotlight

Please engage in a thought experiment with me. You are the Mayor of Chicago. You have an opportunity to talk to the Economic Club of Chicago (ECC). ECC members are the corporate elite of Chicago – CEOs, Chairmen, Directors, and Managing Partners and Directors of companies such as Walgreens, Aon, McDonalds, Accenture, JP Morgan Chase,Continue reading “Welcome to the Spotlight”

Credentials of Economic Value

My experience with many workforce efforts has led me to conclude that without the involvement of businesses, any efforts to educate people for jobs are fruitless. Just as we need better alignment of curriculum from high school to college in order to smooth the transition and better prepare students for college-level work, we need betterContinue reading “Credentials of Economic Value”


The elevator doors opened on our way down. Six effervescent young women entered. One, recognizing me, said with a laugh, “We’re WICKED.” I knew WICKED was a new student group. I asked what the acronym stood for. “Women Integrating Culture, Knowledge and Ethnic Diversity.” The doors opened again, and five of the six women left,Continue reading “Thanksgiving”

A Really Good Essay

Harold Washington College is featured in this great article in the Sun-Times about CPS students enrolling at City Colleges of Chicago. Andre Ellis, HWC student, calls his course “challenging,” and he says that he is learning to write “a really good essay.” In another article,  this time in the Chicago Tribune (coincidence? or was a certainContinue reading “A Really Good Essay”

Disagreeing with Reinvention’s Four Goals

One of the reasons I wanted to work at City Colleges was I believed in the goals of Reinvention.(1) While I take no credit for crafting the goals, I was working with the District during the early days of their creation. I was excited to be working with a system that was so committed toContinue reading “Disagreeing with Reinvention’s Four Goals”

Revised Tenure Deadlines

Hot on the heels of my last post, esteemed Provost Kojo delivers this good news: Please note the revised deadlines for Tenure Projects: December 12 for first year portfolios as already discussed, and December 8 for all others. It is important to note that all tenure projects have to be completed vetted at the collegeContinue reading “Revised Tenure Deadlines”

Lt. Gov. Visit (Amended)

I attended a meeting with Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon this morning at Malcolm X college that included a panel discussion with Alexi Giannoulias, ICCB Chair, Gery Chico, ISBE Chair, and Perry Buckley, Local 1600 President. The discussion was well attended. I think President Munroe did a stellar job getting the word out at MXC, andContinue reading “Lt. Gov. Visit (Amended)”

Talkin’ ‘Bout My Reinvention

I attended a meeting last night hosted by a number of HWC unions and faculty groups. They were discussing concerns about Reinvention and experiences working with the Task Forces. One of the requests was to learn how people, including students, could learn more about  what is going on in Reinvention. You asked. We answer. IfContinue reading “Talkin’ ‘Bout My Reinvention”