Laackman’s Theorem

Laackman’s Theorem states: “80% of the world’s problems are caused by role confusion.” I have yet to be confronted with a problem for which I cannot find a root cause tied to role confusion. Throughout my career, I have striven to clearly define the roles of team members and organizations. I think deeply about the roleContinue reading “Laackman’s Theorem”

Choices in College

Steven Dubner posts a must-read interview with the authors of Getting the Best Out of College. The piece starts with a great quote: “Your choices in college matter more than your choices ofcollege, so choose wisely,” but there is much more wisdom shared in the interview. The author wades into the value of liberal arts, career training, and choices ofContinue reading “Choices in College”

You Get What You Measure

“You get what you measure.” This trope guided discussions in many measurement plans in my corporate life. Once a company tracks a performance indicator, then employees start to change their behavior so that they look good in relation to the measure. Taken to extremes, poorly designed measures may have unintended consequences. The story outlined in Freakonomics aboutContinue reading “You Get What You Measure”

Harold Washington

The Sun-Times has a nice article marking the anniversary of Mayor Harold Washington’s passing, twenty-five years ago today. Mayor Washington died the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. On Friday, he lay in state in City Hall. The lines waiting to see him in the gusty raw November days stretched around the block on LaSalle, Randolph, Clark and Washington. NewsContinue reading “Harold Washington”

A Dorm for All Colleges

More than one friend emailed to make sure I had seen this article from Sunday’s New York Times, “A Dorm for All Colleges.” The article highlights the great work Raul Raymundo and his Resurrection Project  have done, including the dorm space they have created for students. Teohua Nieto, one of HWC’s students, is featured. They also discuss MeganContinue reading “A Dorm for All Colleges”