Tuberculosis Drives Student Success

Professor Farah Movahedzadeh wins the prize for doing the best job of keeping me informed about student successes here at HWC. In her latest installment, Professor Movahedzadeh let me know that she and Max Rutter have published in the OMICS Publishing Group- Journal of Mycobacterial Diseases, Volume 2, Issue 5, an editorial paper entitled: AContinue reading “Tuberculosis Drives Student Success”

Skill, Will and Systems

Last year at the State of the College address, I called on our staff to treat students better. Most of our people treat students very well. Yet I had witnessed or had reports from students about situations and behaviors that did not reflect well on us. I broke the situation down into Skill and Will.Continue reading “Skill, Will and Systems”

Is Algebra Necessary?

I finally caught up on my Sunday morning NYTimes reading and found this provocateur. Andrew Hacker, Professor Emeritus from Queens College, CUNY asks “Is Algebra Necessary?” He argues that we are spending inordinate resources (student time, financial aid, instructor time) trying to get students to pass algebra, a skill they will never use. Far betterContinue reading “Is Algebra Necessary?”

Transparency and Discretion

I recently had the good fortune to attend a seminar for new presidents. The presidents came from a diverse set of institutions across the country. The discussions with fellow presidents enlightened and encouraged me. Presidents shared many funny or challenging stories of their early days at their institutions. The entire time I listened, I keptContinue reading “Transparency and Discretion”

Dr. Margie Martyn

This morning, the Board of Trustees of the City Colleges of Chicago confirmed Margie Martyn, Ph.D., as the new Vice President – Academic Affairs for Harold Washington College. Previously, Dr. Martyn served as Vice President of Instructional Systems and Dean of Online-Blended Programs at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology where she oversaw Academic andContinue reading “Dr. Margie Martyn”

CCC Develops Exchange with Shanghai Institute of Health Sciences

Dr. John Hader took the lead in creating an English-immersion program for forty nursing students from Shanghai. In addition to the four hours a day in the classroom, Dr. Hader and his able staff (Mary Troken and Tonja Girten) organized trips to the Lincoln Park Zoo, the Blues Festival, and an architectural tour of Chicago. IContinue reading “CCC Develops Exchange with Shanghai Institute of Health Sciences”