Electric Electra

The Loop Players present Sophocles’ Electra, using Frank McGuinness’ adaptation. The play is a must-see for everyone at the College, their family and friends, and anyone else you want to impress with the high quality of drama at HWC. I saw a rehearsal performance last night. Directed by Kathryn Nash, this modern update of the classicContinue reading “Electric Electra”


I had the good fortune last Thursday to have a conversation with Paul Tough, author of How Children Succeed.  I took the opportunity to ask him if my hypothesis in my post Tough Call is correct. That is, can we help our students develop the social-cognitive skills alongside the critical thinking, literacy, numeracy and other skills we expectContinue reading “Mindset”

A Remembrance of Books Past

Joe Queenan’s full-throated defense of books in this past Saturday’s Wall Street Journal, “My 6,128 Favorite Books,” set afloat a reverie during my walk to Mario’s. Queenan supplies an urgency to my quest to read more. I don’t want to just read more; I want to read more stuff with which I can connect. Books that moveContinue reading “A Remembrance of Books Past”

HWC Art Student Featured

Bruce Wilson, second-year student focusing in Art at HWC, is featured in a piece highlighting Marwen Alumni. Marwen is an arts education non-profit that administers arts education programs for Chicago students in grades 6-12. Bruce looks great in this video. I had the good fortune to buy one of Bruce’s pieces as part of lastContinue reading “HWC Art Student Featured”